Primavera Risk Analysis — Step by Step

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Course Description


This course covers a comprehensive Step by Step approach for developing a Risk Model and Running a Risk Analysis in Primavera Risk Analysis. The course objectives cover all of the modelling concepts to successfully develop a project risk plan and subsequent risk analysis, ranging from small to mega projects.

The course content applies all versions of Primavera Risk Analysis up to Version 8.7.

If you are a Project Manager, Project Scheduler, Project Controller, Engineer, Cost Controller, Risk Analyst or anyone else who wishes to learn how to apply Primavera Risk Analysis, then this course is for you.

You could also be refreshing and enhancing your skills Software Packages and want to get up and running quickly.

By the end of the course, you will be able to model risks and duration uncertainty around a deterministic schedule.

We will be covering the typical steps required for performing a schedule risk analysis, using Primavera Risk Analysis or PRA.

You will learn how to provide:

  • The probability of achieving the deterministic schedule
  • The most likely completion date
  • A range of probabilistic outcomes (such as P10 / P50 / P90) for an overall project, specific activity, package or project scope

Is preferable, but not essential that all participants have a basic understanding of the principles of scheduling risk.

It is assumed that imported files will be from Primavera P6 but files can also be imported from Microsoft Project or Deltek.

All relevant reference material will be available for download, as well as the required Risk Exercise XER project file.

As with all of our courses, we provide a comprehensive real-world exercise (that we have personally worked on) for students to complete in their own time. Answers to exercise questions will be provided in a final session. We encourage all students to complete the exercise

What you’ll learn

  • Comprehensive Steps to Understand and Develop Primavera Risk Analysis Models
  • Importing a P6 XER File into Primavera Risk
  • Navigate the Primavera Risk Workspace
  • Check the Schedule Health
  • Test the Primavera Risk Model
  • Add Duration Uncertainty
  • Understand Templated Quick Risk
  • Introduce and Understand Correlation
  • Introduction to the Risk Register and Risk Scoring
  • Understand the Qualitative Risk Register
  • Understand the Quantitative Risk Register
  • Understand Risk Register Reports
  • Build an Impacted Risk Model
  • Run a Risk Analysis
  • Analyse the Distribution Histogram
  • Analyse the Tornado Chart
  • Analyse the Distribution Analyser
  • Learn how to add Weather Risk Events
  • Understand how to apply Percentage Leads or Lags
  • Learn how to apply Probabilistic Links and Branching
  • Learn how to Format the Gantt Chart
  • Risk Analysis Exercise (Approx. 3 – 4 hours)
  • Risk Analysis Exercise Outcome and Answers

Course requirements or prerequisites

  • Basic Knowledge of Project Scheduling and Risk
  • Primavera Risk Analysis Software (Trial version can be obtained from the Oracle E-delivery website)

Who this course is for?

  • Project Managers, Engineers, Schedulers, Risk Analysts and Project Controls Personnel
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